About this Blog

Life is the greatest encapsulation of a Random Walk. It twists and turns in complete randomness with momentum. Once in a while, the particle travels incessantly in one direction, then reverses vehemently in the other, mirroring life’s inherent vicissitudes. Viewing life through these lenses offers a reconciliation between the grander direction and the inherent volatility of randomness. This is the controlled chaos we live in.

I first became acquainted with a random walk with a math paper I wrote for an International Baccalaureate extended essay in grade 12. Like life, there are an infinite number of points the particle can end up in. The particle can turn left or right, with equal possibility. But based on the direction the particle is moving in, it is more likely for it to end up in one spot than another. 

Random Walk tries to put into words the best and the worst of societal, economic and cultural peculiarities that affect everyday life. Travels, restaurants, personal accomplishments, musings. Anything of interest has a place.

Random Walk tries to be funny in a world obsessed with political correctness, vivid in prose while others are boring and substantial in unsolicited opinions and advice.